EASY PET-G – new from Fiberlogy

EASY-PET-G - applicationFiberlogy, the leading Polish manufacturer of filament for 3D printers, is introducing a new kind of filament – EASY PET-G.
The new filament is a proposition for 3D printing enthusiasts who want to achieve properties characteristic of PET enriched with glycol and still experience the ease of printing typical of traditional PLA. EASY PET-G is an alternative that is intended to meet these expectations.

When working on the new type of filament, the Fiberlogy team aimed at eliminating the problems known to PET-G users, such as stringing, filament burning and certain imperfections that often remained on the top layer of a printed model. This goal was fully achieved. The use of EASY PET-G significantly reduces the risk of such mishaps, which have often spoiled the end result. At the same time, the new filament has lost nothing of its aesthetic appeal. The vivid colour and the glossy coating enable successful printing of elements which, in addition to their functional role, are meant to be decorative. At the same time, we have managed to obtain a material whose strength is similar to traditional PET-G.

EASY PET-G-SpecStand Eyeglasses Stand

SpecStand (Short) Eyeglasses/Sunglasses Stand by Mr_Tantrum is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution license.

EASY PET-G spools will be available from Fiberlogy distributors in April. Their price will be comparable to the current prices of EASY PLA and PET-G. The filament will be offered in the transparent version in the following colours: burgundy, light green, navy blue, orange and colourless as well as in the non-transparent version – black, blue, graphite, grey, onyx, orange, red, silver, vertigo and white. The high quality of Fiberlogy products has also been retained in the case of EASY PET-G. Each spool coming out of the production line is subjected to strict quality controls to ensure buyers receive a product that meets the highest standards.

EASY PET-G is yet another great product which, after IMPACT PLA and FiberFlex 40D, has a chance to achieve significant success.