Fiberflex 40D

Flexible filament for easy 3D printing

Fast and precise? Yes, it’s possible. FiberFlex 40D is the best proof of this. With this flexible filament with Shore hardness of 40D you can print at the speed of 45mm/s without worrying about the quality of the print. What’s more, thanks to FiberFlex 40D you will discover that flexible 3D printing doesn’t have to be difficult. Feeding it to the extruder will be extremely easy and the printed layers will stick together well. Your 3D prints will have such properties as: high impact resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical and abrasion resistance. Because of that FiberFlex 40D can be used for both amateur and professional applications. This flexible filament also gives you a variety of colors and helps you find the best one for any project.

If you are interested in other flexible filaments, you should take a look at our other materials. For example Fiberlogy FiberFlex 30D is another material similar to TPU filaments. It is a softer version of FiberFlex 40D. On the other hand Fiberlogy MattFlex 40D is a matte flexible filament that offers a non-gloss finish.


  • RUBBER ELEMENTS OF MACHINES: gaskets, elements that are frequently bent
  • GADGETS OR THEIR ELEMENTS: phone sleeves and cases, watch-, pulse counter-, pedometer straps
  • LINKING ELEMENTS: flexible hinges
  • TOYS OR THEIR ELEMENTS: tires, rubber figures
  • JEWELLERY: bands, bracelets
Diameter Net weight Colors
1.75 mm 0.5 kg and 0.85 kg
2.85 mm 0.5 kg and 0.85 kg

FiberFlex 40D properties:

  • 40D Shore hardness
  • high impact resistance in low temperatures
  • very good thermal, chemical and abrasion resistance

Shore Scale

How to print FiberFlex 40D?

The following parameters are only suggested print settings for this material. To ensure the best print quality, it is necessary to choose the appropriate settings for a specific printer and printing conditions.


Nozzle Temperature 200-220°C
Bed Temperature 50-70°C
Closed chamber not required
Fan 50-75%
Flowrate 105-110%
Printing Speed < 45 mm/s
Surface glass, masking tape
Retraction (direct) 1-2 mm
Retraction Speed 10-30 mm/s
Drying conditions 60°C / 4h
Notes To remove the print easier, it is recommended to heat the bed to 110°C

Properties of FiberFlex 40D filament

Fiberlogy FiberFlex 40D has been positively assessed in the Open Filament Program (OFP) project run by Raise3D:

Tires designed by Daniel Noree @barspin:

Based on licence:

Attribution tag:

Diameter Diameter tol Oval tol Printing temp Table temp
1.75 mm +/- 0.05 mm + 0.03 mm 200-220°C 50-70°C
2.85 mm +/- 0.05 mm + 0.03 mm 200-220°C 50-70°C


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Black


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Vertigo


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Brown


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Light Green

Light Green

Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Green


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Blue


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Purple


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Pink


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Burgundy


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Red


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Orange


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Yellow


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Beige


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Graphite


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D Grey


Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 40D White


Fourth dimension
of printing