OEM Filament Offer

Set up your own filament brand on solid grounds. Thanks to our innovation-oriented approach, we can offer our clients filament of unique properties and parameters. We guarantee a diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02 mm and oval tolerance of +0.01 mm. Therefore, we give makers the possibility to create extremely precise prints.

We believe that thanks to cooperation with our partners, we can achieve even more. That is why we decided to prepare a special OEM offer.

OEM filament manufacturer

For our Partners, we can provide:

Spool dimensions

Boxes are in standard customized to display with your logo or other visual identification (according to your request).

Available Colors

PLA colors

ABS colors

PETG colors

HIPS colors

Available Spools

OEM filament spools


Fell free to contact us if you require more detailed information. We’ll be happy to explain all the details of our proposed cooperation.

Dominik Ścibior
Sales Specialist
phone +48 881 407 308

Magdalena Norek
Sales Specialist
phone +48 731 400 201