PCTG+CF filament – PCTG with the power of carbon

PCTG+CF filament is a revolutionary combination of the versatility of PCTG and unique properties of carbon fiber (CF). The well-known PCTG filament has been enriched with 10% of carbon. This way, the material is much more stiff. Additionally, greater tensile strength in comparison with pure PCTG makes this filament a good choice for designs requiring increased strength. For engineers and designers who need a material which combines efficiency and technical excellence, PCTG+CF filament is the answer to these requirements, which paves the way for new possibilities in 3D printing.

Another advantage of this 3D printing filament is its reduced shrinkage. This makes it perfect for precision designs, especially for models with a complex geometry. The possibility to use Fiberlogy PCTG+CF in open 3D printers additionally enhances its versatility, allowing to use in different machines.

Please note as well that PCTG+CF filament offers an esthetic aspect in the form of carbon finish of the print. For 3D printing enthusiasts and professional users who value visual appearance and functionality equally, this filament is an excellent combination of these two.

3D Printing Applications:

  • Prototyping: functional prototypes, rapid prototyping
  • Automotive: fastening elements, component covers, vehicle interior equipment, spare parts production
  • Production maintenance: spare parts, machine components, replacements for metal parts
  • Short-series production: electronics housings, elements with complex geometry, parts and products for individual orders
Diameter Net weight Colors
1.75 mm 0.75 kg

PCTG+GF properties:

  • great stiffness and tensile strength
  • chemical and heat resistance
  • carbon finish which hides the layers perfectly
  • low shrinkage and ability to use in almost any 3D printer
  • easy mechanical post processing of the print

How to print PCTG+GF?

The following parameters are only suggested print settings for this material. To ensure the best print quality, it is necessary to choose the appropriate settings for a specific printer and printing conditions.


Nozzle Temperature 250-270°C
Bed Temperature 90-110°C
Closed chamber not required
Fan 0-25%
Flowrate 90-100%
Printing Speed 35-60 mm/s
Surface masking tape, PVA glue, hairspray
Retraction (direct) 1-2 mm
Retraction (bowden) 3-5 mm
Retraction Speed 20-45 mm/s
Drying conditions 60°C / 4h
Notes The material has highly abrasive properties. We recommend the use of hardened steel or ruby nozzles.
Due to the strong adhesion to the bed, it is not recommended to print directly on its surface or on glass. This can lead to damage. We recommend using a masking tape.
Profiles Bambu Lab X1C/P1S/P1P/A1

Filament PCTG CF Fiberlogy

Diameter Diameter tol Oval tol Printing temp Table temp
1.75 mm +/- 0.02 mm + 0.01 mm 250-270°C 90-110°C

Colors: PCTG+CF

Fiberlogy PCTG+CF Black


Fourth dimension
of printing