Resistance and precision

IMPACT PLA offers properties that are similar or better than those of ABS filaments while keeping the ease and security of the printing process typical of traditional PLA. This technical filament ensures increased resistance to cracking and breaking due to its high impact strength and a higher resistance to high temperatures. With these properties, IMPACT PLA is ideal for creating demanding prints working in extreme conditions while maintaining the highest level of attention to detail.

IMPACT PLA is a tried and tested filament for printing functional prototypes and large heavy-duty tools.


  • TOYS OR THEIR ELEMENTS: blocks, works or parts thereof, car parts
  • PROTOTYPES: tools, conceptual models, switching parts, mechanical parts, elements requiring resistance to higher temperatures
  • SPARE PARTS: elements of machines, devices, vehicles, electronic equipment
  • TOOLS OR THEIR ELEMENTS: gears, racks, elements requiring high strength
  • READY PRODUCTS: containers, handles
  • TOYS OR THEIR ELEMENTS: blocks, robots or their parts, car parts
Diameter Net weight Colors
1.75 mm 0.85 kg


  • increased impact strength compared to PLA (up to 800%) and ABS (up to 50%)
  • parameters exceeding the ABS
  • precise reproduction of details
  • very good adhesion

How to print?

The following parameters are only suggested print settings for this material. To ensure the best print quality, it is necessary to choose the appropriate settings for a specific printer and printing conditions.


Nozzle Temperature 220-245°C
Bed Temperature 50-70°C
Closed chamber not required
Fan 75-100%
Flowrate 90-100%
Printing Speed < 100 mm/s
Surface glass, masking tape
Retraction (direct) 2-3 mm
Retraction (bowden) 4-6 mm
Retraction Speed 20-45 mm/s

Properties of Impact PLA filament

Diameter Diameter tol Oval tol Printing temp Table temp
1.75 mm +/- 0.02 mm + 0.01 mm 220-245°C 50-70°C
Fourth dimension
of printing