Fiberlogy PA12 + GF15 is nylon reinforced with glass fiber, which ensures its stiffness and durability as well as its chemical, thermal and wear resistance. Printing with this filament does not require a heated chamber.

  • ASA


    Fiberlogy ASA is a durable filament resistant to weather conditions such as UV radiation, temperatures and humidity. It is ideal for prints exposed to the above factors for extended periods of time. It retains its properties and colour for a long time.


    EASY PET-G Refill
    now available!

    Enthusiasts of cheap and ecological printing can already place orders to our resellers for our latest filament EASY PET-G in the refill option.

  • Quality under control

    Standards help to maintain the quality. For this reason, we select the best raw materials, control material properties and guarantee precise data on the products. All our steps are taken in order to provide our customers with the best product possible. See for yourself how we do it.

All we do comes from our passion for technology and 3D printing.

At Fiberlogy we are focused on producing filaments for FFF/FDM printers. Broadly defined 3D printing is a rapidly developing technology and we strive to develop innovative solutions. Our dedication to testing new materials and new production possibilities allows us to achieve amazing results.

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Fiberlogy filaments

Our materials have outstanding properties and parameters – diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02mm and oval tolerance of +0.01mm. This allows for high precision printing and an ever wider use of 3D printing technology.



We develop filaments of various properties, appropriate for different fields. Our products can be used in different industries, from architecture to children’s toys. To meet the needs of our customers, we continue to expand our range with new filaments with unique parameters. All this is possible thanks to our cutting-edge production line and highly qualified technicians.



Our filaments are produced by high-class German machines with the use of high quality raw materials. We do our best to ensure that the process of production complies with all the norms, which translates into the high quality of the end-product. We give the materials the best protection possible so that they are not damaged mechanically during their transportation or due to unfavourable external factors.



We invest in the latest technologies and innovative production techniques. We are up to date withthe latest trends as we want our products to set the standards for the 3D printing market. We make our filaments from the best raw materials available that offer unique parameters. This way we are able to adapt our offer to the ever-changing world and its needs by making 3D printing even easier.

Fourth dimension of printing


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