New Fiberlogy Spool (ABS Version) and Filament Drying


The first versions of the new spool were made of ABS. This could lead to spontaneous disintegration of the spool when dried at temperatures above 60°C. To prevent such cases, we immediately decided to switch to PC (polycarbonate), which is also fully recycled. A number of tests have confirmed that the spool can withstand drying temperatures of up to 90°C.

How to recognize an ABS spool?

ABS spools are characterized by the uniform appearance of all holes. The spools made of PC have characteristic round holes in the third row counting from the center of the spool.

ABS spools

PC spools

How to prepare a spool made of ABS for drying?

In order to ensure that the older type of spool will not be damaged in the drying process, we recommend modifying it by drilling holes close to the core of the spool and fastening the spool with cable ties. The video below shows how to perform the procedure.

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