FiberSilk Metallic filament – a new product from Fiberlogy

In response to the growing interest in silk-like filaments, Fiberlogy – the Polish leader of the 3D printing filament industry – has introduced a new product line called FiberSilk Metallic. It was created to complement the brand’s product range dedicated to art printing enthusiasts who have so far been happy to use filaments such as Mineral PLA, Fiberwood or the PLA and ABS range with their fancy colours.

Fiberlogy has created a proprietary composition of polymers for the needs of the new product. The resulting filament gives prints a pristine metallic shine, enhancing every smallest detail of the model and creating an eye-catching play of light and shadow on its surface. FiberSilk Metallic is currently available in 10 colours, but soon the palette will be doubled, which will further facilitate the selection of a suitable colour for each print.

Unlike competing products, Fiberlogy FiberSilk Metallic is characterized by high resistance to mechanical factors. Above-average impact strength, high adhesion and resistance to crushing make sure the model recovers its original shape after being subjected to pressure. This means that elements created with it, such as vases and decorations, will not easily lose in a sudden encounter with a hard floor surface.
Despite its unique visual properties and durability, FiberSilk Metallic will cause no trouble even to the less experienced 3D printing enthusiasts. For best results, the manufacturer recommends reducing the print speed and using a strong airflow during the printing process. Such conditions will ensure a shiny and silky smooth surface.

How to print with FiberSilk Metallic:
• Printing temperature: 210-230°C
• Bed temperature: 50-70°C (when using plates or other means to increase adhesion, bed heating is not required)
• Closed chamber: no
• Fan speed: 80-100%
• Print speed: 35-60 mm/s
• Retraction: yes, 2-3 mm
• Raft: not required

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