R PLA – recycled filament from Fiberlogy

R PLA - recycled filamentAt the beginning of the week Fiberlogy announced the launch of its new filament. Product called R PLA will be dedicated to all enthusiasts of ecological 3D printing.

This is the third novelty of the Polish producer in recent weeks after Fiberlogy BVOH (water-soluble support filament) and Fiberlogy PP (polypropylene filament). This time, a product made entirely from recycled materials will hit the shelves. Its quality is guaranteed by strict control of the raw material being recycled in order to avoid potential contaminants and low quality materials.

An unquestionable advantage that will be appreciated by those choosing the R PLA filament will be its competitive price. The filament offered on the 0.85 kg spool will be available at the Refill EASY PLA price, thus becoming one of the cheapest products signed with the Fiberlogy brand.

Fiberlogy R PLA filament specification:
• Printing temperature: 210-230 ° C
• Bed temperature: 50-70 ° C (when using pads or adhesion enhancing preparats, table heating is not required)
• Diameter: 1.75 mm
• Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.02 mm
• Oval tolerance: + 0.01 mm
• Weight: 0.85 kg
• Available colors: Anthracite
• Biodegradable

R PLA is the first in a series of products that are made from recovered raw material. In the near future Fiberlogy will present another ecological products from the R line. The new material, like other Fiberlogy filaments, is available through the brand’s distributors.