Fiberlogy ASA – prints that will last for years

Summer in full swing. Embers pour from the sky, the sun mercilessly burns every piece of unspecified earth, and you wonder if your print will withstand it? Yes, if you print it from material designed to deal with such conditions.

Polish manufacturer of 3D printing filaments – the Fiberlogy brand – is expanding its offer with an ASA filament. Acrylitrile-styrene-acrylate by its properties is very similar to the well-known and used ABS. Like him, it is characterized by high strength and resistance to mechanical damage. Unlike ABS, however, the ASA performs better exposed to weather conditions. Fiberlogy ASA is also more print-friendly. With lower shrinkage and higher dimensional stability, it can be used on printers without a heaterd chamber. However, it is still recommended that when large models are printed, they should be protected against possible drafts that could lead to model cracking. Fiberlogy ASA also gives off far less annoying odors than abs printing.

Resistance to the destructive effects of UV radiation as well as other weather conditions makes this filament an ideal material for creating prints intended for external use. It is also ideal for the production of functional models and prototypes requiring durability. Fiberlogy ASA also faces heat. The high glazing temperature provides this material with a strength of up to 94°C.

An undoubted advantage of ASA, which combines it with ABS is the ease of processing the finished print. The model may be treated with acetone. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain a uniform surface and get rid of the visible boundaries of layers. With acetone, you can also glue models consisting of multiple elements. Asa is also sanded and mechanically treated.