EASY ABS – new in fiberlogy offer

Fiberlogy’s product range has just been expanded. EASY ABS joins the EASY family with the well-known EASY PLA and EASY PET-G. According to the idea that easy filaments stand out, the new product is easier to print than traditional ABS.

EASY ABS is characterized by high impact strength and good resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. This makes it suitable for printing durable models exposed to impacts and operating under harsh conditions that PLA would not be able to meet. Due to the lower density (1.07 g/cm3), the models retain a mass 20% lower than comparable, made of PET-G.

Many people will be enthusiastic about the fact that the latest Fiberlogy filament can be printed effectively without the use of a heated chamber. Open printers like the Prusa MK3S and Creality machines can handle EASY ABS printing. With less shrinkage and printability at temperatures of 235-255°C, this material is available for any desktop printer. When printing, however, it should be borne in mind that it is still ABS, the fumes of which are harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid being in the vicinity of the melted material and ensure proper ventilation, while not exposing the printout to gusts.

At the time of the EASY ABS presentation, it is offered in four transparent colors: Pure, Burgundy, Orange and Light Green. However, soon the color range will also be enriched with non-transparent variants, which will certainly expand the range of possible applications of EASY ABS.

The advantage of working with EASY ABS is that it is easy to process by subjecting the finished print to acetone vapors. As a result of this process, the model acquires a smooth, glossy surface, which enhances its aesthetic qualities and gives it a “glass” appearance. Thanks to this, EASY ABS can be successfully used in the manufacture of decorative or glass-imitating elements.